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Before – & After – School Programs

Our Daycare Center is designed for children to Play-N-Learn with a special areas for each child. Columbus Advanced Learning Academy, Inc. provide students with social and academic opportunities, as well as offering tutoring for Math, English and Science, etc. Our facility includes a computer lab for school-age to develop computer skills and have access to new educational programs. Our before and after school program provided students with social interaction with other students from other schools. Which will teach them productive partnership between students, parents and teachers. It is important to us to explore our communities to learn from each other.

Teachers will help children with their homework, we offer Spanish, art, movie, music, games and cooking classes. There will be snacks and meals provided for those that are being care for. All students are required to respect their peers and commit to maintaining a safe environment. We are providing a safe and social learning setting. All students will receive emergency training once a month on safety for precautions and understanding. We are excited to have youth in our center to be role model citizens for our younger children.

Let’s make better use of those extra hours after school and even before it! Columbus Advanced Learning Academy, Inc. has a Before and After School Program with enrichment activities for children of all ages.

What can you expect from this program?

  • Chess Games
  • Singing Lessons
  • Assistance with Homework
  • Self-Defense Class
  • Drama and Play
  • Industrial Arts (Woodshop)
  • Math Activities
  • Speech and Essay Writing
  • Learning New Languages
  • Community Outreach
  • Music Lessons
  • Group Dancing
  • Creative Writing
  • Leadership Activities

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Teachers Trusted by Parents

teacher taking down notes

We Find Joy in Teaching Children: Every parent wants to ensure their child’s safety and education. At our learning facility, we give you the assurance that your children will be loved, cared for and taught the foundational skills that will help them grow up to their fullest potential! We have certified teachers whom you can discuss your child’s developmental goals with. Call us at 614-409-2871 for inquiries.