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Early Child Care Educator: Job Description



Hazel Simmons


It has always been a joy in my life to see children happy to learn and remember what they achieved through playing. As a mother, I enjoy playing with children and teaching them how to conquer new skills. Forty years ago, I discovered my career was to be a teacher. I found myself teaching the neighborhood children on my patio. It was exciting to create playful activities, to make it a joyful day for them. I have been in the child care field for 40 plus years, it is a rewarding career to teach so many energetic children.

As Administrator/Owner, I attended Columbus State Community College for an Associate of Arts in Early Child Development. I operated a few Health Care Agencies and also earned credit hours as an Administrator and earned a CDA. I have 38 years of experiences in Business Administration. I received Administrator certificates in New Orleans, Louisiana and also earned credit hours through Occrra. (The Ohio Child Care Resource and Referral Association). Under the Owner/Operator, Hazel Simmons has assembled a professional staff to provide day-to-day quality services.

Columbus Advanced Learning Academy Inc. is not just to babysit your child/children, but to prepare them for kindergarten and prepare them to conquer new challenges. We are confident enough to say that we are building self-esteem in your child’s development and growth. We will introduce the children to exciting educational programs. Teachers are prepared to provide a robust curriculum that fosters the development of every child. We set goals which includes reading at least three books a day to children and promoting active physical play. Parents are always welcome to read to kids and help teachers prepare materials. If you have a special skill or service you want to volunteer, please let us know by phone or e-mail!

We follow the Ohio State Learning Standard, Teaching Strategies Gold and The Creative Curriculum for Preschool. We do offer diverse curriculum for infants, toddlers and full day pre-K in the communities we serve. We also offer computer classes for those Little Einsteins, that are ready for technology. Our mission and goal is to form a meaningful friendship/partnership with the children and their families. It is important to us to build a supportive community to better serve our families.

3 cars

Dinasaur Classroom


Daniela Licio


Hello, I’m Daniela Pinto E. Licio and I’m the Pre-K teacher at Columbus Advanced Learning Academy Inc., in the Dinosaur’s Classroom.

I teach Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Music, and Social Skills to students from 36 months through their entry in Kindergarten, and after school students.

The students love when I play the guitar and we sing songs. They also develop, with time, and a love for books which they keep for life. Playing with blocks, puzzles and they are little future engineers. Searching for pictures of animals they are little future scientists. Their potential is limitless!

We follow the new Ohio State Learning Standards to fully prepare students for school, while maintaining a playful and very enjoyable classroom environment.

I am currently earning a Master of Arts in Teaching, I’m a candidate at Otterbein University, in Westerville, Ohio. Now I’m in my fourth semester, my areas of concentration are Math, Sciences and my passion is teaching.

Dinasaur Classroom

Stephanie Simmons-Houston and family


My name is Stephanie Simmons-Houston and I have been working for Columbus Advanced Learning Academy Inc. for the past 5 years. I have obtained an Associate Degree of Arts in Early Childhood Development and also have 15 years of experience in Business Administration. Columbus Advanced Learning Academy Inc. focus on preparing children for kindergarten readiness. The goal is to provide them with an early learning foundations in basic subjects such as; phonic, spelling, sight-words and basic math functions. We will encourage every child to explore all their potential skills and talents. We believe each child’s intelligence can improve with practice and will continue to be enhanced over a lifetime.

We follow Ohio State Learning Standards, Teaching Strategies Gold, and The Creative Curriculum for Preschool. We support parents in preparing their child for a productive and responsible role in a complex global society. We plan curriculum, targeting areas related to your child’s development such as; social, motor, and language skills. Also, new learning styles will be presented to peek the interests of the children. A variety of subject/curriculum areas and each of the developmental domains are addressed in daily lessons.

Columbus Advanced Learning Academy Inc. Pre-K Teachers handout Student’s Weekly Report at the end of the week. This consists of what your child learns each week such as; recognize colors, shapes, letters and numbers. We offer Spanish, music, cooking class and computer lab. The children love when we have cooking class once a week, this is an exciting day for them. We have Birthday, Halloween, Easter and Christmas parties. We try making it safe for the children for Halloween by providing safety tips. We provide and take pictures of our students for all holidays with parent consent. The children love celebrating and we also enjoy host these wonderful events.

Our teacher/student ratios meet state requirements, so we can give children individual attention. We are working on new skills that are complicated to give every child the opportunity to have different outlooks on life. Every child is unique in their own way, and have different ways of learning. Our staff always accept new challenges to help those in need. Our theory is Play -N- Learn.

Polar Bear Classroom


Deltiffinase Richardson


Hello, I am Deltiffinase Richardson and I am the Pre-K Teacher Aide at Columbus Advanced Learning Academy Inc. I have 6 years experiences in the childcare field. I am a teacher aid in the Polar Bear’s classroom. My young scholars are always eager to learn new skills. My passion for teaching has always been a joy, because I love working with children.

My education background:

  • I am enrolled in Columbus State Community College for Business and Early Child Development.
  • I teach Age Appropriate Developmental Academic Curriculum.
  • Every month we test the children to see how they progress during month to prepare individual lessons.
  • Every Friday Columbus Advanced Learning Academy Inc, gives out a student weekly progress report.
  • This weekly report inform parents what their child has learned for that week.

We focus on how to give them the right care, social interaction and emotional support. As a parent, you will want to make sure your child is able to cope with challenges as they grow. It is very important to have open communication between parents and teachers, so we know how help your child.

The partnerships formed between the teacher and the parents are very important for their learning experience. Columbus Advanced Learning Academy Inc. We Play-N-Learn.

Teddy Bear Classroom


Chrissy Simmons-Cousar


Hello, I’m Mrs. Chrissy Simmons-Cousar and I absolutely love working with children from various ages. My goal is to provide a safe and loving environment with new learning adventures. I am an Infant and toddler teacher at Columbus Advanced Learning Academy Inc. in the Teddy Bear’s Classroom, It has been a learning adventure for me to watch children develop social, emotion, gross and fine motor skills.

Our program is to help children master these objectives in a developmentally and culturally environment with parents support. As an Early Child Care Teacher, I follow Ohio State Learning Standard and Teaching Strategies Gold Curriculum. I assist with the planning of the curriculum, preparing activities, and organizing programs. Columbus Advanced Learning Academy Inc. sets-up individual learning goals and conduct assessment on the children’s interests. We set-up knowledge skills, and abilities that will customize teaching practices accordingly. We give the parents a daily report on their child’s activities.

I am currently attending Columbus State Community College for business course, where I received an Early Childhood Education Associate degree and also earned a CDA. It has always been a passion to teach young scholars. I have been in the Child Development for over fifteen years. Every day I learn something new about teaching children. I enjoy singing, dancing, and reading with them, but most of all I love circle time with the children and dramatic play.

Being an early educator has been an awarding experience to work with children. We will give the babies the best affection, attention and loving care at Columbus Advanced Learning Academy Inc.

LaDonna Jones


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Diana James


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Teachers Trusted by Parents

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We Find Joy in Teaching Children: Every parent wants to ensure their child’s safety and education. At our learning facility, we give you the assurance that your children will be loved, cared for and taught the foundational skills that will help them grow up to their fullest potential! We have certified teachers whom you can discuss your child’s developmental goals with. Call us at 614-409-2871 for inquiries.