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Interactive Kindergarten

Prekindergarten is a higher level of challenges for your child. Our prekindergarten students will focus on advancing their skills. We will do language art, science, math and Spanish activities. Our curriculum will prepare each child for kindergarten. Our program has been successful with past students meeting state requirements to enroll. Your child will learn how to work independently and set goals. Your child will learn to read with a purpose and understanding what they have read. For children beginning kindergarten in the fall, will be introduced to kindergarten-level concepts and skills. We will focus on extra reading and math and extended seat work. Our program will teach children about critical-thinking (reasoning and analyzing) using fun activities.

Our teaches are focus on preparing each and every child for kindergarten by supporting them every step of the way. We are committed to working with each child independently or in groups to introduce new learning style. Our program will encourage continued skill development in the art and creative expression and also includes physical fitness. We are using are Ohio state standard guidelines for age appropriate, while providing a safe, fun-loving environment. As a partner to your help your child succeed, you will have all access to your child daily, weekly and monthly progress. Our program provide children with social and academic opportunities, as well as a chance to explore special interest and talents.

Kindergarten is a time in a child’s early childhood stage where new information is so much easier to grasp and new skills are easier to practice. Columbus Advanced Learning Academy, Inc. uses experiential learning methods with activities like:

  • Science and Health
  • Math Activities – Adding and Subtracting
  • Word Building
  • Fine Arts
  • Emotional Skills Development (Learning Patience and Sharing with Peers)
  • Educational Field Trips
  • Problem Solving (Groups and Individual)
  • Learning Common Objects, Opposites and Synonyms
  • Reading and Phonics
  • Writing Exercises

Please call Columbus Advanced Learning Academy, Inc. to inquire about admissions or enrollment. You can reach us at 614-409-2871.

Teachers Trusted by Parents

teacher taking down notes

We Find Joy in Teaching Children: Every parent wants to ensure their child’s safety and education. At our learning facility, we give you the assurance that your children will be loved, cared for and taught the foundational skills that will help them grow up to their fullest potential! We have certified teachers whom you can discuss your child’s developmental goals with. Call us at 614-409-2871 for inquiries.