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Toddler Programs

Our toddlers have the opportunity to physically explore their world inside the classroom and on the playground. Our space is build for active and inquisitive toddlers with imagination. We offer well planned creative curriculum to better your child development. In addition, outdoor play can contribute to children’s overall development by giving them a chance to explore with all their sense. They will practice fine and gross motor skills, develop social skills, and begin to appreciate and respect other living things.

Our teachers understand the challenges that a toddlers face in a social learning to set, and we have the experience to help them to achieve their challenges. We are committed to encourage children to appreciate designs (their art work). Provide children with vocabulary for their exploration. Our toddler program will interact, encourage, challenge, and support toddlers’ thinking by introducing new activities. This program will help toddlers to learn how to respond to emergencies with training once a month. Safety is a basic requirement of any quality program, and we are committed to maintain a safe environment.

Columbus Advanced Learning Academy, Inc. keeps active toddlers busy with interactive activities which are also opportunities for learning new skills physically, socially and mentally.

  • Outdoor and Indoor Group Games
  • Counting and Math Exercises
  • Big Circle Time
  • Games in Pairs or Individual Competition
  • Show and Tell
  • Crafts and Art Projects
  • Finger Painting Activities
  • Group Singing

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Teachers Trusted by Parents

teacher taking down notes

We Find Joy in Teaching Children: Every parent wants to ensure their child’s safety and education. At our learning facility, we give you the assurance that your children will be loved, cared for and taught the foundational skills that will help them grow up to their fullest potential! We have certified teachers whom you can discuss your child’s developmental goals with. Call us at 614-409-2871 for inquiries.